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Bantan Bomb-Jimnin’s calligraphy

Hey guys, it's K-Star Talk from schoolime.
I think Jim is one of the brightest person in the world! He is doing calligraphy with a Korean traditional brush for the new year’s greeting.He is writing down ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean. The video shows how bright and joyful he is. We can’t resist loving him.

Now, we are going to listen to the video from the beginning to 58 seconds three times. Please try to understand what Jim is saying in Korean. If possible, write down what he is saying.

Ok, you are going to check what you wrote down.


[0:00] 이렇게 하면 되는거예요?
[0:03] 이런 건 무릎 꿇고 해야 된다고
[0:19] 괜찮은데. 괜찮지 않아요 지금까지?
[0:39] 잘하는데.
[0:42] 오 잘했어 그죠? 좀 잘하는거 같애
[0:47] ‘새해 복’
[0:53] 오 느낌있어 느낌있어
[0:56] 나 이렇게 되게 못했는데 옛날에
[0:58] 좀 실력이 나오는 거 같구만

The second video below will play each sentence three times once you click it. It is intended for improving your Korean listening skill. You can listen to this as much as possible.

For your better understanding, there is English translation as below. You can not only use this to understand what Jim said, but also you can use it to practice Korean speaking skill. When you look at the translation, you should recall what he exactly said. OK, here we go.

< English Translation>

[0:00] Should I do it like this?
[0:03] You should kneel down when you do this.
[0:19] That’s good. It has been pretty good so far, hasn’t it?
[0:39] I am doing a good job.
[0:42]Oh, I’ve done a pretty good, job,right? I think I am really good at it.[0:47] “ Happy New Year..”Oh, You’ve got a feeling.
[0:56] I wasn’t good at it in the past.
[0:58]I am getting better.