BlackPink, K-StarTalk


Hey, guys! It's K-Star Talk ! We have brought a video of Blackpink House which is a variety show aired in Korea in 2018. It is about the members of Blackpink and what they do in their daily lives. 

Can you understand what Blackpink is say? Let's watch it again. This time the video is divided by sentences. They are repeated three times.

< Korean Transcript >
[00:56] 우와~ 우와~ 이거 귀엽다 우와~
[00:65] 이거 귀여워~ 이런거. 나 이런거.
[01:30] 이건 뭐야? 너가 다 골라. 어때 좋지? 일단은 우리 초록색 카우치 잖아.

< Translation into English >
[00:56] Wow. This is cute.
[00:65] This is cute. I want it like this.
[01:30] What is this? You pick. Do you like it? OK, we have a green couch.