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V’s making a floral vase

Hey guys, it’s K-star talk! V is trying to make something interesting during the break time of Map of the Soul Persona filming. Yes, he is making a vase!

Well, now we are going to learn vocabularies first.
꽃병 =  a flower vase
가위= scissors

Did you catch some words in the video? You can watch it sentence by sentence repeatedly. The sentence should be repeated three times each. Hope it will help improve your Korean language skills !!

Now, let’s dive in !

< Korean>

  1. 꽃병 하나 만들려구요.
  2. 집에 하나 두려구요.
  3. 그러면... 가위 가위 어디 있어요?
  4. 두개 입니다... 두개
  5. 형, 이거 두개만 챙겨 주시면 안돼요?
  6. 됐어
  7. 인테리어 하나 완성!

< English>

  1. I am trying to make a flower vase.
  2. I want to have one in my house.
  3. Then, scissors… scissors? Where are they?
  4. Two.. I need two..
  5. Hyeong, can you take these two ?
  6. That's it.
  7. I’ve got an item for my home.