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Very Important Business: J-Hope

Chicken Noodle Soup

Hi Guys! It's K-Star Talk. J-hope and California-native Becky G have dropped their surprise new collaboration “ Chicken Noodle Soup”. It was released through Big Hit Entertainment on September 27,2019 during BTS’s hiatus period. In the video below, J-hope is heading to LA without his other members. Watch the video, and guess what he is saying in Korean.

Now, you can watch it more separately and repeatedly. After trying to listening what he is saying , you can check the transcript in Korean as below.

<Korean Transcript>

  1. LA 로 떠납니다
  2. 혼자 (뭔가) LA 가는거라.. 어색하네요.
  3. 잘 하고 와야 겠죠

< English Translation>

  1.  I am leaving for LA/ I am going to LA/ I am heading to LA.
  2. I am going to LA alone. I feel awkward.
  3.  I hope I should do a great job there.