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Jimin not famous?

Hi guys, it's K-STAR Talk!
Jimin is so humble that he even said in TV show that he was short of being a good dancer.

Step 1 : Listen in Korean

Step 2: Check out what you listened with Korean sentences below

  1. 하나도 유명하지 않았었고요.
  2. 심지어 여기 이제 연습생으로 발탁된 뒤에 춤을 잘 못춰서 위험 할 수도 있는

Step 3: Practice with repeated section. The sentences are repeated three times each.

Step 4: Korean into English

  1. I am not a famous person at all.
  2. Even after being selected as a trainee, I wasn't a really good dancer. I was sort of in danger.